About Us

CJ Barbers was originally known as The Mall Barber Shop when it was first established in December 1966 by Al Perelli. He owned and worked on the shop until he passed its ownership to Rocky Miller in 1982, who kept the tradition going until he passed the shop to it owners, JoAnn Egner and Chuck Merlo III in 1998. Chuck later went out on his own and JoAnn became the owner of CJ BARBERS.

Since then, JoAnn has been keeping Perelli’s original values of respecting customers by keeping the shop strictly walk-in so that people can come in when they please and know that they will get the quickest service possible.

One thing that JoAnn stresses is if you can’t do Children you can”t do Adults, so children are my favorites, and  the younger the better, they are all adorable.

FIRST HAIRCUTS are especially the favorites as they get treated extremely special and they get a certificate a packet with their hair and a  stuff animal, from Kohl’s so our boys get the stuffed toy and Kohl’s Kids get the money from the purchase.

Thank you to all our customers for you’re loyalty  to CJ BARBERS